Friday, June 26, 2015

NightHawk training ends on high note

After 11 weeks of base building and pace training both night and day, the NightHawks were all happy and relaxed at this evening's finale session before their big marathon race next weekend.

The night was cool and breezy which made the shorter tapering run that much more enjoyable and invigorating for both body and soul.  

All the trainees ended the run in good Optimal Paces, and importantly were not feeling too stretched, which meant they could go on for a while more on race day when tackling their Sundown mission.

Trying out their NightHawk finisher tops with accompanying apparel and race day shoes, the trainees started off strongly towards Fort Road in their respective pace groups.  Most of the NightHawks were by now independent in terms of executing their own race and pace plan and are more than capable of being their own pacers for their target finishing times.

We ran into the headwind along the stretch towards F2 and Sailing Centre, which provided some resistance for a re-calibration of effort to maintain Optimal Pace.  Nobody really minded as the cool winds more than made up for the slight increase in forward lean, and helping to cool off the higher body heat generated with increased pace.

Some additional buffer was added to the tanks as the HM and FM groups U-turn at F2 and Sailing Centre respectively, serving as a confidence boost for the remaining distance back to the start point at Parkland Green.

All the NightHawks returned early and had some extra time to take some photos and share about race night plans and strategies.

With the whole Operation NightHawk locked and loaded, all that remains for the trainees are to have a good rest and proper nutrition in the coming week, and to have short runs at Optimal Paces to keep their race engines in prime condition.

Operation NightHawk 2015 - Mission Accomplished!

Photos by FatBird Chin