Saturday, May 30, 2015

Week #8: Bring On The Night

In Week #8, the NightHawks were tasked to go the full distance (21km for HM) and 33km for the Full Marathoners in a trial of sorts to see how far they can sustain Marathon Pace.

The routes were similar to last week's, just a tad longer with an additional 3km to cover.  The humid night was to provide an additional challenge to the NightHawks in spite of the warm winds blowing in from the sea.

As we go past the 30km mark for the Full Marathon, fueling (pre and in-run) becomes a strong determinant of whether Marathon Pace can be maintained past 25km - and it did give some NightHawks a good feel of what it was like to be insufficiently fueled and trying to maintain good paces.

The group started the run promptly by 7:30pm, and those who were caught up with work or traffic were to play catch up given that they are familiar with the routes.  The first half of the run went well for all the groups, maintaining good training pace and running form.

After the pit-stop at the 14km mark, the NightHawks were mostly able to reach back to Parkland Green save for a few who 'hit the wall' very early into the run.  The groups took the opportunity to have a refreshment break with Gatorade and bananas at Parkland Green before proceeding onwards in the direction of F2 CarPark.

Quite a number of NightHawks were already feeling the effects of the warm and sweaty night, and with the bigger loss of water for such a humid night, the challenge was to rehydrate well to avoid overheating and having the engines start failing.

With the encouragement of the NightHawk trainers and pacers, the trainees were able to extend further in spite of their tiring bodies and higher discomfort levels.  Some groups decided to turn back slightly earlier in order to complete as much distance as possible without compromising target pace.

The NightHawks also applied what they have learnt from the previous 2 weekend long night runs to help them persist to the finish of 28km-32km.  With the encouragement of the training crew, all NightHawks returned to the start point by 11:30pm, slightly ahead of the maximum time allowable for the session.

Overall the NightHawks did well for this training session, and as we progress to the longest run in week #9, all will be bracing for the most challenging session in the whole program, and the training location will not make things any easier.

The NightHawks Survived The Night