Friday, May 15, 2015

Week #6: Hills Night Delight

The NightHawks went back to the Mt. Faber region for hills LSD, only this time it is made more challenging by the high humidity levels and poor visibility of the night.

In the interest of time, the pre-training briefing was done chop-chop, allowing all the runners to be flagged off by 7:45pm.  Although there were a number of latecomers, they were able to make it down to meet the main group based on the scheduled routes in their training plan.

With the start of Marathon Pace training in this Phase 2, the NightHawks were pushed up one level with additional difficulty of the hills repeats at Labrador Park.  Strangely, many of the NightHawks found themselves liking the hills so much that they exceeded the time allowed and completed more than their requirement at the hills workout.

After 60-90min of hills repeats, the NightHawks progressed on with their second half of the night's training trying to sustain Marathon Pace, and the rolling terrain did not make things simpler.  

With the foundation of 5 weeks worth of basebuilding under their wings, the NightHawks met the night's challenge head on with confidence and strength.  After the exhausting hill loops, all the pace groups were able to maintain Marathon Pace with smiles on their faces, alluding to their ability to manage their fuel and hydration resources.

The Half Marathon (HM) NightHawks completed their night's training successfully by 10pm, followed with a good round of static stretches and some light yoga routines.  The Full Marathoners (FM) went on for another 5-8km of undulating terrain after hitting the ClubHouse with 21km, for a good night's total of 27-29km.

Even after all the NightHawks were back, there were a number staying back to recover from their run, some sharing their night's adventures, and a few exchanges of running form and how to overcome challenges of running long distances at night.

With Ops NightHawk halfway done, the trainees are all looking forward to an exciting second half of training with pace work and fine-tuning important aspects of marathoning, as well as tapering nicely for a good performance outcome on July 4 night (Sundown Marathon).

The NightHawks Are Looking Positively Strong

Photos by FatBird Chin