Sunday, May 3, 2015

Week #4: Western Hills Delight

As part of the continuing phase of base building, the NightHawks were tasked with a hills combination of rolling slopes and repeats with the Half Marathoners pecking 3 x 1.6km MF loops and the Full Marathoners enjoying 5 x 1.6km worth of Mt. Faber (MF) Hill Repeats.

After a training briefing with tips of proper running form and effort for hills running, the respective pace groups set off with a 5km run before ascending Morse Road to reach the MF Loop Car Park.

The bout of pre-dawn showers produced cool and conducive weather for the 16-26km group hills workout, lifting the spirits of the NightHawk participants to focus well on meeting the morning's training goals.

The HM groups were to complete 30min worth of hills repeats while the FMers were tasked to do 60min worth.  The focus was to work harder on the uphill portion with proper running form (posture, lean, lower body and upper body form) and to ease off on the steep downhill portions.

Most of the groups adapted to the hills workout like ducks to water after the first initiation loop, managing mostly better running form and pacing their effort well to complete 3-5 loops of that required training segment.

Mt. Faber was a hive of activity with bikers, runners and tourists adding to the crisp greenery for a nice scenery in cool weather for a rather pleasant hills repeat workout.  HM groups which completed their hills segment proceeded back with another 4km run back to MF Clubhouse, with a final 1km of slope to tease any remaining energy out from the trainees.

The FM groups went at their task for 60min before making their way back to MF Cubhouse, followed by another 5km gentle hills run after a quick top-up of their hydration packs.  With a much better management of pace compared with the first 2 sessions, the NightHawks were able to complete their run in good form and with reserves left over.

With the training ending on time, we were able to have cool-down stretches for the HMers and an extended training debrief with more tips on running form, rest and recovery and injury prevention.

After the past 3 weeks of hills training, the Nighthawks will look forward to Week #5 at ECP where they can put their conditioning to the test with longer, albeit 'flattish' run distances of 17km-28km.

The NightHawks Conquered The Hills...HooHah!

Photos by FatBird Rand