Sunday, May 19, 2013

Tough Runners Last!

With barely 2 weeks to the Sundown Marathon race night, The NightHawks were gathered for our 2nd final tapering long run in preparation to Show Our True Colours @ Sundown!  All pace groups managed to meet our target objectives of sustaining 16km and 25km at Optimal Race Pace.

The NightHawks were bright and early, all eager to collect and try out their hard-earned Operations 'finisher' singlet to be used on race night.  Many also don their full gear as per what they will wear on race night just to be sure that all areas are covered in today's long run.

By now, all the groups were already familiar with the target paces and modus operandi of the training sessions, allowing us to start pretty well on time.  Groups 1-4 were all pretty tight-knit, borrowing on one another's strength to enhance motivation which go a long way to sustaining good effort and not get distracted in such long distance runs.

Overall effort was good and all groups managed to sustain Optimal Pace till the end of their 16km (HM) and 25km (FM) distances respectively.  The Sundown Pacers were also enjoying a good day at the office, fine-tuning their race plans and honing on pace strategies and 
teamwork to ensure all systems go and not leave things till too late.

After going through 11 weeks of training together, the camaraderie of the Sundown and NightHawk Pacers together with the trainees have grown very strong which bodes well for good performances by all on race night.  As they cross the finish at the end of the training run this morning, it was evident that all participants have put in their good share of hard training to be at such a comfortable stage of probably peaking in terms of readiness.

Group debriefs were made to all trainees to refrain from doing any more long runs (> 23km) and to reduce weekly mileage by 30% although still maintaining race pace intensities for the remaining training sessions.  It would be too late at this stage to go for longer distances as that may be counter-productive in the best case, and injuries leading to DNS or DNF on race night may happen in the worst case.

The final week (Week #12) of training next week will be a full-dress rehearsal of sorts and will signify the official completion of the Ops NightHawk 2013 program.  All NightHawks are urged to attend this 'Passing Out Run' and receive final instructions and tips for race night - We are looking forward to see all NightHawks!

After the morning's session, the Sundown Pacers were also given a 30min debrief on their whole training and pacing journey thus far....of course, the job is not done till the drawing of the Sundown curtain on race night.  

With the rigorous training the Pacers were put through, it is no surprise that those who are remaining in the team at this stage are the most capable of pulling off a good performance on race night.  We have full confidence in all Sundown Pacers giving off their best and delivering the goods on race night.

With the long runs done, we are into the final phase of tapering and its all about pampering our hard-working bodies and massaging all those tired muscles to peak condition for the race.  This phase is enjoyable because of the lesser workload but we still have to watch our food intake to be careful not to load up excesses which may create problems.  

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