Sunday, April 7, 2013

NightHawks At The Hills

The massive CTE traffic snarl and the threat of a thunderstorm could not stop the more than 100 NightHawks from showing up at Mt. Faber ClubHouse for what would be our first visit in the Program to the famous hillslopes of the Western Region.

Kevin gave a good brief of the morning's training objectives and routes, followed by the customary Group Shot before the various Pace Groups were dispatched along the rolling hills into Labrador Park for the main menu.

Most of the trainees have come into this 5th week of training with a stronger base than when they first started with the Program, allowing them to tackle the slopes with better confidence while knowing to keep reserves in them for the main workout.  For many of them, Labrador Park have always meant to be a place for family and tourist activities, leisurely walks and BBQ parties, rather than for the conduct of training workouts.

As the respective groups went with their Pace Leaders into the figure-of-8 routines, they soon realize that the lush but undulating terrain of the area present interesting workouts while offering much eye candy in the form of scenic forest and ocean views.  Training as a group also meant that the workouts meant more fun rather than drudgery, surprising most with their ability to complete the 60-90min moderate-intensity training objective.

Once out of Labrador Park, the runners continued on with the remaining part of the training, a dessert of continuing slopes from the Kampong Bahru side before arriving back to Start Point.  The HM trainees were happy to call it close with 17.5km in their meters, while the FM trainees went on for another 5km loop to round off training with 25km-28km total distance covered, depending on Pace Groups.

With the increasing distances and challenges of the Program as we make progress, there will be more instances of tightness of muscles due to the increasing mileage and paces being covered, leading to potential risks of injury if not properly addressed with R.I.C.E. treatment after each training run.  It is also important to space out workouts to avoid the perils of over-training, and worse, over-racing (for those who have an interest to participating in the ever increasing number of races every weekend).

To that, our NightHawk Trainers and Pacers will continue to remind our trainees to stretch themselves well after training runs, go for Deep Tissue massages for very tight/knotted muscles causing aches, Myofascial Massage for some self-help in releasing those knotted areas and relieving tension, as well as seek advise from respected authorities when there are  issues that need to be addressed.

With rest and recovery built into our training program and weekly schedules, we cannot emphasize enough the need for adaptive recovery for our bodies to strengthen and improve form the hard workouts and endurance runs that we do weekly, leading all the way to race night.  

As we move into Week 6 of the NightHawk Program, we will be honing in to our target marathon paces during training, and ensuring that the target paces are able to be sustained by each and everyone of the trainees for their respective marathon targets.  We are confident to bring all to 95% confidence levels at the start line on race night, leaving them to just go out and perform what they have been training to do, and getting the results that have been very consistent with all past cohorts of the Program.  

NightHawks, NightHawks, Will Not Rest,
NightHawks, NightHawks, Be The Best!

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